Boeing-767 Ventilation Chamber 


Submitted By-  Chanfiou Ahmed Mboreha 🇨🇳

Ventilation system mainly of two types – mixing system and displacment system

Here , DPM Model is used to find out the particle tracking and flow of air supply inside the chamber and velocity profiles and temperature profiles extracted.

Ahmed Body CFD 


Submitted by Yahya 🇲🇾 

Ahmed body is a typical car body shape . In this particular thing, at different slant angles ,coefficient of drag and lift is calculated and got good results as expected in quantitative form.

The CFD analysis of Ahmed’s body with slant angles of 0°, 30° and 60° is studied using ANSYS FLUENT withsame fluid flow conditions. The Design Modeler tool of ANSYS is used for CAD model preparation of Ahmed’s body different cases. As the Reynold’s number lied in turbulent k-epsilon two equation turbulent model is used with transient flow analysis. The results of velocity contour, pressure contour, Kinetic Turbulent Energy, velocity vector and velocity profile plots are presented for analysis of aerodynamic behavior of Ahmed’s body. The results showed that by varying slant angle from 0°to 30°the flow is attached at rear slant region and flow separation is reduced but lift coefficient and drag coefficient values are increased. Whereas increasing the slant angle to 60°, flow again detached the flow at rear region causing flow separation but there is not much difference in lift and drag coefficients as
comparing to 0°slant angle configuration.

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Airfoil Selig 1223


Submitted by Gaurav Kumar🇮🇳

In this project ,Hot wire is around the Selig 1223 Airfoil and determined flow separation point ,hot wire will help out to decrease flow separation .

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